Our Team and Expertise

The Remedial Façade Services team has over 50 years industry experience, covering residential, commercial,

industrial and institutional full project delivery, quantity surveying, high risk façade work, building process

compliance and façade design work. We work collaboratively through design and site challenges with our

Clients, and enjoy presenting design solutions, installation strategies and programmes to our Clients. All façade

replacements come with extensive warranty periods to ensure the Whole-Life Cost is highly considered.

Initial Consultation

Remedial Façade Services wishes to discuss your specific needs, to determine an accurate scope of works. We

then work with our engineers, designers, suppliers and subcontractors to establish a full design proposal and

price, inclusive of coordinating all site activities. Remedial wish to understand the key pressures for any client

we deal with, whether quality, programme, financial or all of the above. This enables us to provide an offer that

fits the project-specific requirements.

Engineering, Design and Shop Detailing

Remedial Façade Services provides a fully specified design proposal with every tender price. Once engaged,

fully detailed shop drawings and engineering certification is provided for Client review prior to works



Remedial Façade Services manage the entire façade replacement process, coordinating with incumbent

services trades and building management personnel or engaging additional trade resource where required, in

order to facilitate the entire façade rectification requirements.

Works of this nature can be problematic, however at Remedial we take pride in our ability to manage the whole

package of works, resulting in a speedier outcome for our Clients.


Typical lead-times are between four to eight weeks from approval of design, dependent on the specification and

complexity of the project. Weather conditions and access availability also need to be considered.

The main cause of delay is not related to the manufacture and project start-up process; rather, it is about an

order being placed between Client and Contractor in a timely manner. This allows more time for design review,

shop detailing review and approval process and then manufacture and delivery. With suitable time allowed, all

parties can focus on addressing and resolving detailed design issues earlier —in turn, this avoids rushed

detailing and potential design changes during the installation process.

Pricing to Suit

Remedial Façade Services will always price competitively first time around, to avoid unnecessary ongoing

negotiations which eat into the project’s timeline. Our pricing cannot be driven to unrealistic budgets, and we will

never ask for a budget with a view to matching it. Remedial wish to be known as a genuine contractor who

always prices a job on its merit, and with the most cost-effective suitable option in the first instance.