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Remedial Façade Services is a Melbourne-based company, specialising in the management of the engineering, removal and replacement of

  • non-conforming products used on building façades causing:

    • thermal deficiencies

    • fire risk

    • water ingress issues

    • structural deficiencies

  • deteriorating facades

  • associated waterproofing and caulking works


We provide a service that concentrates on façade re-design and replacement, utilising aluminium, steel and glass materials.  Working with trusted façade engineers and designers we can provide a full building solution to your façade problems.


Our services include:


  • Façade redesign and replacement

  • Full trade and permits coordination

  • Engineering and design presentation

  • Certified solid aluminium, steel and glass material façade solutions

  • Investigation and rectification of water ingress issues for windows and curtain wall facades

  • High risk façade works

  • Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors